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Where's My Blog Gone?

It's time for a change.

So I had a Vlog on my website for several years that I made regular contributions toward. One day I found myself just not adding anymore. I knew it was a good thing to have but there was only so much time in the day. A year or so has passed since I added anything to the Vlog. Yes, I am actively posting on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and so on but the Vlog seemed to fall to the wayside for no real reason. I realized that I always wanted to do more with it than re-posting what I was putting on the other platforms and make it more of a combination of written and video. At the time, I was making a lot of positive changes to Body By Finn Fitness so I couldn't keep doing the same thing.

Now, I feel its time for another change and I want to start delivering a weekly written contribution to the people I work with every day. I do need your help though. I will be inviting guest writers to help along the way also. I would like to ask you out there to help keep me to task with writing these blog entries. Being inspired to write now and again is great but to make an impact I need to maintain this as a discipline. I will admit that my thoughts often flow faster than my ability to type so it can be difficult to maintain a consistency in this area. I need your help with that. If you don't see a weekly entry come from me then feel free to gently nudge or outright harass me about it. It's hard to keep up with it all but its a personal goal of mine to actively write about the issues that matter when it comes to health and fitness.

In the spirit of change, I have deleted the old Vlog. Yes, gone for good. To be fair, you can find most of the content on Facebook or YouTube anyway. I need this outlet to be something different than all of it. Something that goes deeper to help share what I study and learn through first hand experience with thousands of people each year.

It's time to kick it all in gear. Wish me luck.


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