Feel Great on the Big Day

We want you to look and feel your best on your Wedding Day. 

It's a magical day for our beloved brides.

You want to look and feel your best on one of the most memorable occasions of your life. We can help you make this happen. We have helped countless numbers of happy couples get into great shape for their wedding day. With as little as thirty days you can see a genuine impact on your health and appearance. 


Discover how you can improve Weight Loss and build a Stronger Body. 

Let us help you with:

Customized Fitness Plans
Access to the Body By Finn Fitness app
Personalized One to One Instruction
Realistic Nutrition Advice or Meal Plan
Ongoing Motivational Support
Online Support

Join us at the studio for a unique training experience catered to your wedding day goals. We are with you all the way to help you sculpt that lean body and keep you smiling. It won't always feel easy but it's always well worth it. You can train one to one to cater specifically to your needs. Why not workout together as a couple to bond under the bliss of some well earned sweat. 

Make it a Wonderful Moment

Private Group Training

What People Are Saying

"We had such a great time working with Finn and his team. He went above and beyond to help us. His enthusiasm for living well was infectious. Both of us dropped the extra few Kg. we needed and dressed with confidence on our wedding day.  With busy work schedules, it was great for the both of us to be able to have some fun time together in the gym. A big thanks to Finn for making it so enjoyable.

We have a wonderful way to bond with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Why not organize affordable private training sessions for you and the people who will stand by your side. Meet once a week to blow off some steam. Make sure those dresses and suits fit as well as they can. This is a fun way to say thanks to family and friends who will be there for you along the entire way. 



09:00-18:00 Hrs

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