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Importance of Workout Recovery | Ireland's Personal Trainer in Tenerife

After a week of activities in sunny Tenerife, I took a day off to do relax and unwind. It's important to take time to let your body recover from all the physical strain you put it under. Here are a few key tips that can help.

1. Give it Time. 2. Focus on Good Nutrition to give the body the fuel it needs to repair muscle fibres. 3. Ice Bath / Cold Therapy: Try cold showers or even short ice baths to help reduce muscle swelling and inflammation. 4. Active Recovery: Keep the body moving with gentle exercise like a short walk or a relaxing swim. 5. Sleep: Be sure to get enough sleep so the brain can clear itself of toxins and the body can effect essential repairs in a dormant state.

We would love to here from you if you need some help getting started with a fitness transformation or shedding some excess weight.

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