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After swimming, hiking and running around all day, my plans for making a full length follow along video came to a crashing halt when my legs decided to give out on me. Would you believe they decided to just stop working without even asking me. That was definitely not in the plan. It wasn't long after filming my warm up exercises and demo that the mind was willing but the body no longer able. The effects of the weather had finally caught up to me. It had been 30 plus centigrade all day. Did I mention the crushing humidity? I almost forgot about that. Sometimes the body just knows when it needs a break whether we like it or not. It's important to listen to your body if you know you are dehydrated, low on energy or in a climate you are not conditioned to.

Let me thank all the amazing people who were patient with me while videoing on their pathway home. I am sure I looked like an alien to them. I am grateful I was not run over by the many people who were cycling. I know, I was in THEIR way. You can hear the non-stop sounds of Vietnam in the background. It's an amazing place to visit.

"Get on with the workout Finn!" I hear you. This one looks easy to do but you will be working up a sweat pretty fast and your legs will be feeling it for sure. With that said, follow the warm up exercises to get the blood flowing and give your best to this express workout. Even 20% effort is a start and I'll take it. Keep the body moving and finish strong.

Warm Up:

1. Rock Heel to Toe

2. Arm Swings

3. Hip Rotations

4. Push Knees forward

5. Spinal Stretch

3 Plyometric Leg Exercise Combo: 3 Rounds x 30-60 Seconds

1. Pogo Jump

2. Split Lunge Jump

3. Lateral Side Steps

Be sure to get your own music out and replicate the workout.

If you would like to see specific workouts, rehab exercises or have any health, fitness or well-being topics you would like to see covered be sure to drop us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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