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3 Fast & Simple Exercises for a Great Leg Workout

Whoever said getting your legs in great condition had to take forever. Instead of thinking about long workouts try doing micro sessions of three exercises at a time. The best thing about most leg exercises has to be how quick they are to learn and the fact that you can still get an impactful workout without any extra equipment.

Let's kick off the day right with these three simple leg exercises. Make sure you stretch and get your joints limber before you start. Have Fun.

  1. Side to Side Lunge - Take your time get comfortable with the movement. Feel free to use a wall for support if you need it.

  2. High Knees - Make sure those knees come up as high as you can and swing those arms at the same time. Its a full body motion we are looking for.

  3. Walking Lunges - This is our closer. If you are new to walking lunges you can always modify the exercises to do stationary lunges again with a wall or chair for balance support.

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