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The Green Kitchen is literally at my Doorstep.

This summer Whyte's Centra in Kenmare launched The Green Kitchen. It was perfect timing for me. I had been struggling a little this summer with food prep and we had been booked solid with training, public speaking and travel. I fell out of the habit a little so it has been great to have it there to help fill in the gaps. I wanted to share my thoughts and the thoughts of others as we connected throughout Kenmare with people who are finding it as convenient as I am.

No matter how motivated or driven you may be, there will be a day here and there when you are dragging it. You can always find a way to work through it.

Its important for us to always be talking about nutrition in real terms and how we can help our community find better ways to stay on track. With school starting back up and lives getting more hectic again, it can be hard to consistently eat well. I am so pleased to see The Green Kitchen as a fantastic option for people to take advantage of. What do people really think of taste though? I thought I would ask. I know I am a big fan. Why no check it out yourself.


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