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From the Sea to the Shelf - Kenmare Bay Mussels with Finn Glenn

It's so important these days to know where your food comes from. Thankfully, Kenmare has an abundance of outstanding local suppliers who take pride in delivering high quality produce. In our quest to help Kenmare become one of Ireland's healthiest towns we would encourage everyone to start thinking about what they are actually eating.

Ireland's personal trainer, Finn Glenn, joins Karl from Kenmare Bay Seafoods to find out where some of our finest local mussels come from and help get it to the shelves of our very own Murphy's SuperValu.

For more information on Kenmare Bay Seafoods be sure to reach out to Karl and Angela on

To learn more about the importance of good nutrition and to get yourself started on your own fitness transformation then join us at Real World Combat & Fitness for a Free Fitness Consultation today with personal trainer and coach, Finn Glenn.

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