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Ease Running Pain | Breath Control for Beginners

How many times have you seen others doing fun activities like adventure hiking or even enjoying the freedom of cross country running only to think that could never be me. What stops most of us from starting to build a good level of cardiovascular strength? The pain and the fact that we imagine how much we will hate the pain. Whether you are walking fast, jogging or even running in a full stride you can improve your form and breath control to better regulate bloodflow. It doesn't hurt that this can also help reduce tension in the body's connective tissue and muscles. Basically, you can stay relaxed for a longer period of time and prolong the build up of lactic acid which is often what stimulates muscle pain.

Try this simple breathing practice the next time you go for a fast past walk or jog. Two short breaths in and two out. Find a natural rhythm that works for you. Breath control is an amazing way to get outside of your inner dialogue, take in the world around you and focus on each step you take. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

It should be said that you should always warm up properly with stretching and some basic mobility exercises before starting any significant cardio exercises especially running. Start small and improve over time.

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