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Rapid Full Body Workout From Vietnam!

What motivates you? Internal goals, external goals or a bit of both? Sometimes booking a holiday, being a part of a local sports club or even a regularly scheduled a hike with a friend can help drive you to engage fully in your day to day tasks. It's one way to get the most out of yourself. Some people are driven towards external events. For me, it tends to be the next adventure or skill I am learning with a group.

I always want to keep my energy levels boosted though to be up for the task. If you are like me, you have to keep moving otherwise its easy to get to like comfort way too much.

Here it is. Your 10 minute energy boost for today brought to you from the stunning Tam Coc, Vietnam. It's a full body workout you can belt out before breakfast is even ready. 3x Movements - 3 Rounds. Enjoy!

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