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Why do Ladies Need Resistance Training

One of the key struggles I have seen over the past 11 years as a personal trainer has to be the frustration many ladies have finding a clear path to body fat reduction and sustainable long term fitness. Its important to remember that you should be having fun with it first and foremost. If you are looking to reduce body fat or change your body composition then think about picking up the weights learn more about resistance training. Try something new or change up your routine. I have worked with thousands of women over the years and they love how it makes them feel.

Key benefits include:

  • Reducing body fat and transforming overall body shape

  • Help prevent diabetes and heart disease

  • Impact stress reduction

  • Improve functional fitness for day to day life.

  • Boost personal confidence

Please feel free to Like and Comment below. Share with friends who may need some help getting started with a lifestyle change.


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